Education Page Sources

Source Information:

The NAEP Data Explorer (NDE) is a web-based application for accessing National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) data. NAEP has been tracking student learning nationwide since 1969, and conducting state-level assessments since 1990 and assessments in selected districts since 2002. NAEP assesses what the nation’s students know and can do in a variety of subjects.

NAEP does not provide scores for individual students or schools; instead, it offers results for populations of students (e.g., fourth-graders) and subgroups of those populations (e.g., female students, Hispanic students) as well as results regarding subject-matter achievement, instructional experiences, and school environment. NAEP results are based on school and student samples that are carefully designed to accurately represent student populations of interest.

For more information, please see the Nation’s Report Card website.

Indicator Details:

Indicator data are acquired from the Nation’s Report Card’s National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) data through the NAEP Data Explorer (NDE). Criteria are defined as reading as the subject for Grade 4 students in 2022 on the Composite scale. Percentage of students (in total or by race/ethnicity group) at or above “proficient” level is calculated. Margin of error is also calculated from the reported confidence interval data. For more information about the NAEP data or the explorer tool (NDE), please visit the NDE’s help page.