Ever wonder how we could:

• Be the wealthiest country in the world yet have one of the highest rates of child poverty?

• Have the “best” health care system in the world yet have such terrible health outcomes that youth today can expect to live shorter lives than their parents?

• Have so many means for social connection yet suffer from epidemics of social isolation and deaths of despair?

The Well Being In the Nation (WIN) measures show connections between social conditions, health, community, and well-being. Created with 100+ organizations and communities and supported by the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics.

Explore these simple, powerful measures to understand the big picture of our well-being as a nation. Dig into the data to see what shapes well-being for different groups in your community. Connect with others, especially those affected by inequities, to understand, develop solutions, and act. Together, we can strive to improve well-being for everyone in the nation.

Core Measures

Leading Indicators