Well-being of Places in Carson City, Nevada

Carson City
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What does it mean for a place to be well? Well-Being of Places is about whether a community is flourishing and the people within it have the vital conditions needed to thrive. The well-being of a place has to do with whether people want to move there. Conditions like good jobs, walkable streets, safety, transportation, a vibrant culture, a sense of identity and belonging, and a likelihood that people will feel included in civic life all play a role.


How many children live below federal poverty level in Carson City, Nevada?

What this measures: The percent of children who are living at or below 100% of the federal poverty line. 

Why this matters: Child poverty is related to current and future health risk and social cost. Children in poverty may experience lasting effects on education, health, and income into adulthood.

What this relates to: Health, education, income, equity.

Data source: American Community Survey, Table S1701. Note that the percentages shown here exclude from the total population people whose poverty status cannot be determined, such as individuals living in group quarters and young "unrelated" children who live outside of family households. For more information about how the Census Bureau measures poverty, please visit their site.

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